Friday, July 25, 2014


ISL To Be Stopped For Under 23 Event

What do clubs like Persikabo, Persis, Persiba Bantul and Persijap have in common. Probably with several others? They have no money. Of course they have no money. Even though club must go through a verification process, they still have no money.

One reason why they h ave no money? They have played no football since early June and won't play any more until early August. No football means no gate money. And most clubs here don't have the wherewithall to do things like thing about cash flow. So they just don't pay anyone and hope the problem will solve itself.

Happens every year. I know it, you know it, hell even Mabel knows it. But nothing is done about it. Instead, it looks like the organisers of the league go out of their way to make things as awkward as possible for the clubs.

The ISL began early February.

24/02 - 06/03 - break to prepare for Asian Cup qualifier...a tournament Indonesia had no chance of qualifying for.

20/03 - 11/04 - a break for the general election

05/05 - 16/05 - mid season break!

12/06 - 08/08 - break for World Cup, fasting month, presidential election and the post fasting month holiday

19/09 - 04/10 - break for Asian Games (an Under 23 competition).

When the schedule was first drawn up back in January, there were going to be:

11/09 - 31/10 - play offs between top four Western and Eastern conference

05/11 - 11/11 - semi finals

15/11 - ISL grand final.

They may change now. The ISL has already been put back a few days but this stop for the Asian Games just makes a mockery of the league. With only 11 teams in each conference, they only need play 20 games to finish the season proper. Yet here we are at the end of July and, after nearly six months, they can't even manage that!

20/11 - 20/12 - ASEAN Cup

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