Thursday, March 21, 2013


Form An Orderly Queue

Now it looks like Argentine coach Manuel Blanco wants to take PSSI to FIFA over his contract. He's only been here a few weeks, not long enough to start on a second tube of tooth paste, after somewhat surprisingly being brought in to replace Nil Maizer.

The current PSSI mob haven't been able to do much with the national team. When they took over they sacked Alfred Riedl, they said they couldn't find his contract, brought in Wim Rijsbergen, ignored him, appoined Maizer, brought in some guy called Charbonnier, ignored him, brought back Maizer, brought in Blanco then decided to make Blanco Technical Director!

Keeping up so  far?

Now it appears with Indonesia due to host Saudi Arabia this weekend in an Asian Cup Qualifier they will have two coaches; Rahmad Darmawan and Jacksen F Tiago.

Perhaps being coaches familiar to Indonesian officials they may be allowed to do the job the way they see fit, not like these pesky foreigners with their ideas of discipline and responsibility.

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