Saturday, February 23, 2013


Another Indonesian Innovation

Towards the end of last year Indonesia boasted two national teams preparing for the same competition. One was off on the Gold Coast in Australia playing some Sunday schools while the other, backed by the PSSI, actually went off and played the game in Malaysia at the AFF Cup.

The one in Australia, backed by the laughingly named Committee to Save Indonesian Football, came home and quietly disbanded, players returning to their respective clubs.

Now we again have two national squads called up; both by different sections of the PSSI! I don't make this up, please understand this, I couldn't. Disney couldn't and the Grimm Brothers couldn't. No bugger could make up what happens in this place.

Coach Nil Maizer has announced one squad while the new coach, Luis Manuel Blanco, has announced another with some players called up twice!

Who is the coach? Who knows, who cares. The new mob at the PSSI promised to change the game and they sure are doing that bringing new levels of farce with each passing week to the game here.

It doesn't matter what FIFA does at their next gobfest in March, it's too late. Humiliation is piled on humiliation by the people who are charged with running the game.

But then it ain't about football, is it?

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