Thursday, September 20, 2012


A Possible Solution In Indonesia

JAKARTA (19 Sept 2012) – Indonesia might have found a recourse or a solution to the dualism to their top flight football. It has been announced that the two controlling bodies of the Indonesia Super League (ISL) and the Indonesia Premier League (IPL) met yesterday at the FA of Indonesia (PSSI) headquarters and where they have formulated a new approach – the Red and White League.
With hopes of combining both leagues an impractical impossibility considering the number of teams involved, both parties have now agreed that the new format is perhaps the best way forward.
It is a throwback to the early 90s when football in Indonesia was divided into two conferences – East and West. But this time round, it is not divided geographically but by the existing teams in both the IPL and ISL.
Both leagues will still be run independently but perhaps there are plans to have crossover play-offs for the overall championship. The exact mechanism has yet to be formalized but this idea presented a way forward for both parties to recognize the existence of one another and if it works out could also have a positive impact on the strength of the Indonesia national team.
“I cannot reveal the exact format as yet as I have to get the approval from the Joint Committee (which will met tomorrow) first,” said Widjajanto, the chief executive committee of PT Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo (the controlling body of the IPL). “But I hope that the members of the Joint Committee will agree to this new idea so that we can begin the 2012/2013 league season.”
Widjajanto added that the Red and White league format presented the best options following earlier proposals that failed to get the agreement of both parties. Plans for both leagues to run independently has not been accepted by the Joint Committee as well as the idea to combine both leagues into just one.
“This is the third and best option,” Widjajanto surmised, who also revealed that he had already met Joko Drioyono, the chief executive officer of PT Liga Indonesia (PT LI).
The Joint Committee will meet tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur.

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