Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Malaysians Bemoan Lack Of Fairness

"If the LionsXII win the league, the Malaysia Cup and the FA Cup, we will have a problem. We all want a competitive league but we have to be fair to the Malaysian teams." (Original)

So says a member of the Football Association of Malaysia.It's a bit like having a party, inviting someone at the last minute then getting upset when they seduce the girl of your dreams. Basically, tough shit.

The same story also says that when the agreement was initialled inked, Singapore would enter an Under 23 side as the Malaysians were doing in the SLeague. But the Singaporeans objected (whined) saying they would lose players because of National Service duty and the Malaysians agreed.

National Service is Singapore's problem. Nothing to do with Malaysia. Entering Young Lions in Malaysia has long been my preferred option, not that anyone asked me, and creating a complete new team would take players from their clubs competing in the SLeague leaving the Singapore FA accused of weakening their own competition.

Why the need to let Malaysians eyeball the likes of Shahril, depriving Singaporeans the chance of seeing them week in, week out? It's not necessary for Malaysian fans to watch the big names from south of the causeway; if they wanna do that then they can top up their Proton and cross the border themselves.

Singaporeans are getting to see a Harimau Muda team with a roster of unknowns and last I checked the planet was still spinning on its axis and I was still aging.

Malaysia, I feel, gave away too much when they allowed LionsX11 to draw upon almost any age group and are perfectly entitled to insist on it for next season; whether the Singaporeans win all three trophies or not.

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