Friday, March 11, 2011


Noise Is For Heroes

What's wrong with conversation? Is it too 1990s? Do we know just communicate by sms, facebook or twitter? The reason I ask is because last night at Tampines Stadium any conversation before the game and at half time was impossible 'cos the announcer had cranked up some bloody shitty music full blast, couldn't hear the geezer next to me.

Have they done some market research that says the few dozen people who actually buy tickets for SLeague games, the official attendance of 1,452 comes from the pen of Walt Disney, want the loudest music possible? With distortion?

And what about Tiger Beer? Listen gentleman, you sponsor the bloody game and I would love to support your product and sponsorship but there is nowhere I can do so. Which is a shame. 'Cos beer makes most things bearable including the god-awful racket that fills football stadiums in Singapore before kick off.

The FAS and clubs are wasting money on DJs playing unnecessary loud techno music at S-League games - what ever for? It's a turn-off I tell you. Poor thing for the mothers and their children attending, you can't have a decent once inside the stadium especially Jalan Besar. They are always trying to make football in Singapore a fun-fair, carnival, disco all in one? Tch tch...
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