Friday, February 04, 2011


Social Networking Just A Start

I've often criticised clubs in Indonesia for their failure to embrace the internet. Fan sites have been around for yonks and they are now getting to be of a good quality, step forward the likes of Ongisnade, Simamaung and Pusam, but clubs are proving to be right old stick in the muds over it, I guess feeling they have no one to give the job to. One or two have game efforts, Persipura, Arema, Bandung, Mitra Kukar, but most don't bother.

The upstart Liga Primer Indonesia is promising to change the game on a number of levels and the new teams have enthusiastically embraced social networks like Facebook and Twitter. and while these sort of sites do serve a purpose, or even a porpoise, in a way they are speaking to the converted.

Someone following a team or a player on such a site is already a fan and has already expressed some connection with the club.

But that's not enough. Clubs need to have the permanent presence that comes from a well designed and frequently up dated website. For weeks before the LPI kicked off people searching Google for info on the new league found the first entry was a pile of waffle written by a fat English geezer with way too much free time.

Even now, five weeks into the debut season, there is no website from the league that promised to Change The Game. Yes, they are prolific twits on Twitter but the whole thing with Twitter is its immediacy. When you have people following several hundred people it is very easy for your message to get lost among the other twits.

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