Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sriwijaya won't be alone

Sriwijaya expect to have some support tonight in the hostile atmosphere of Jalan Besar Stadium as they take on SAFFC in that ACL qualifier.

They are expecting fans from Palembang, Batam and Jakarta to converge on the city state as Rahmad Darmawan's men look to enter the ACL proper for the second consecutive year.

SAF of course have their own passionate support who dress up in funny costumes and sing rah rah rah pretty often.

No dice for Sriwijaya, even with some very vocal support.

I'm not saying their passing was off, but the way Sriwijaya played tonight, they couldn't find a good cross in the Vatican.
did you go?

i considered it but decided to stay home and see persija v persijap...wrong choice!
Hi "me",

Some local-based Indonesian students and probably some from Palembang flew in for this game.

Some patches to be covered here and there as Richard said after the game, but once the gelling is done... Oh boy!! Watch out..

Catch you at grounds over here soon.
Yup, spent the weekend in Singapore. Zah Rahan was a delight to watch, but bad finishing, awful crossing and poor communication was too much to overcome.

That Akiyoshi kid looks a real player ... full of running, gets into good positions. Lacks a little in tracking back, but it's early days and he's apparently only 20.
i may well go over for the game with muang thong
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