Thursday, December 31, 2009


Results 30/10

Indonesia Super League

Persijap v Persebaya 1-0 (Junior) 5,325

Indonesia Premier League

Persipasi v Persih 2-0 (Mansyur, Stephen Mennoch)
PSBI v Persipro 2-0 (Berta, Arifin)


Malaysia v Syria 4-0 (Shafiq Rahim 2, Zaquan Adha, K.Gurusamy)
Pelita Jaya v Negeri Sembilan 1-1

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Myanmar National League

Player Was Now
James Mooney ATM (Malaysia) Delta United
Stanley Oguama Chula United Delta United
Kone Mohamed Chonburi Yangon United
Peter Butler Kelantan coach Yangon United coach

There are three rounds of fixtures left in the Myanmar National League and Yadanarbon are three points clear of 2nd place Delta United. Some familiar ish names in the MNL as can be seen above and check out the League website. Certainly leaves the Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai ones standing.


Indonesia Premier League Group 3

Persiram v PS Mojokerto Putra 1-0 (Titus Bonai)
Perseman v Persibo 4-0 (Paulus,Fakdawar, Festosa, Manukay)

1 - Persiram 8 7 1 0 19-5 22
2 - PS Mojokerto 7 5 0 2 10-5 15

Top Scorers

7 - Abel Quioh (Persibo)
6 - Fortne Udo (Persikab), Ezequial Gonzales (Persiba), Titus Bonai (Persiram)


Some, um, international friendlies

Singapre Select v Oman 0-0
Thailand v Zimbabwe 3-0 (Suttinan 2, Kirati)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Fighting football fans block highway

Nothing really to do with football other han perhaps a way the media love to use the concept of football hooilgans as mordern day boogie men to sell stories.

Some lads were yesterday playing football in a field by their village when some kids turned up and started throwing rocks at them. The footballers responded and an all out brawl ensued that spilled on to the nearby Jakarta - Merak toll road causing lengthy tailbacks for the good citizens in their cars.

Things is some of the attackers were wearing colours of Persita while some of those playing were apparently fans of Tangerang rivals Persikota. Hence the local media reports have added the football angle to their coverage.

Of course it may have been a planned 'meet' or a settling of scores between the rival fans. We'll never really know.

Mind you Tangerang does seem to attract more than its fair share of football related stuff. In the last few days we've seen brawls in nearby Karawaci and four Persikota fans shot at by air guns after another game.


ISL Average Attendances

Arema 25,000 (1 match played behind closed doors)
Persib 23,000
Persija 21,059 (2 home matches played at Lebak Bulus)
PSPS 16,400
Sriwijaya 14,400
Persebaya 12,845
Persik 11,666
PSM 9,571 (1 match played behind closed doors)
Persisam 9,500
Persela 8,173
Persijap 7,285
Bontang 6,476
Pelita Jaya 6,414 (1 home match played at Bandung)
Persema 6,020
Persiwa 5,000
Persiba 4,500 (1 match played behind closed doors)
Persitara 3,950
Persipura 3,900 (home matches played in Makassar)

Figures come from Top Skor

By the way in an Indonesia Premier League game on Wednedsy Persis had about 25,000 against Deltras.


Alam Shah offered to PSM?

According to this report in the Jakarta Globe Arema coach Robert Albert and Singapore striker Noh Alam Shah have been offered to struggling PSM Makassar by an unamed agent.

Don't know how true that is. Given that agents love to boast about who they 'represent' and given that PSM really are struggling this season and given that the words fire and frying pan spring to mind I have my doubts.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Singapore's evil influence on Indonesian football

Squeaky clean Singapore's influence on the game in Indonesia is not that squeaky clean as an article in today's Top Skor illustrates.

Arema top the bad boy's league with 27 yellow and one red card so far this season while Bontang and Persebaya come second and third. Those three teams feature four players who were in the 2009 SLeague while Persija, with two Singaporean internationals, come sixth.

On the other hand Sriwijaya, with Singapore international Precious 'insert name I can never spell' are the team who are least offensive, or offend least.

But there's more. Fandi Ahmad may walk on water in Singapore but one of his players here has the second worst record, tongue, so far.

Bad boys

Noh Alam Shah (Arema) 5 Yellow 1 Red
Yohan Ibo (Pelita Jaya) 5 Yellow
Arif Suyono (Sriwijaya) 4 Yellow 1 Red
Dwi Cahyo (Persik) 4 Yellow 1 Red
Hariono (Persib) 4 Yellow 1 Red

It is to be hoped that the foreign, cheek, imports appreciate one porpoise thay have here is to raise the standards of the game and they don't do that by collecting cards.


King's Cup

Thailand is hosting its regular King's Cup in January and this is the schedule


Denmark v Poland
Thailand v Singapore


Singapore v Denmark
Thailand v Poland


Singapore v Poland
Thailand v Denmark

The Poles are sending a B team while I'm not sure what Singapore will take. The SLeague starts two weeks later, SAF will be in Vietnam and half the national team will be back in Indonesia.

Games played in Nakhorn Ratchasima and nice to see the Thais will play each of their three games in the slightly cooler early evening allowing their guests to sweat it out in the afternoon sun.


Indonesia Premier League 27/12

PSMS v Persiraja 1-1 (Ahmad Maulana; Zukarain)
Semen Padang v PSDS 2-1 (Edward Junior Wilson, Marcio Soaza; Suyanto)
Persipasi v Persires 2-1 (Erick, Mansyur; Ade Abdullah)

1 - Persipasi 9 5 0 4 10-9 15
2 - Semen Padang 6 4 1 1 9-3 13

Persikab v Mitra Kukar 2-1 (Fortune Udo, Dani Marfelous; Eko Budiharto)
Persis v Deltras 0-0
Persidafon v Persikota 3-1 (Wanggai, Rumkabu 2; Salomon Bengondo)

1 - Deltras 8 4 2 2 8-6 14
2 - Persikab 7 4 1 2 12-10 13

Persigo v PSS 2-0 (Rusdianto, Iksan)

1 - Persiram 7 6 1 0 18-5
2 - PSMP 6 5 0 1 10-4

Guess who's playing today? Persiram v PSMP!


Persipasi v Persires 2-1

I've always got a buzz out of going to a new stadium and yesterday was no exception. Persipasi are based in Bekasi, one of Jakarta's many staelittes and with it being a holiday weekend getting there was a breeze.

We pulled into a car park where there were donkey rides and other amusements and could see a fair few fans already in the stadium.

Tickets cost 15,000 IDR, about 1.50 USD or the same price I paid for the big title game in Thailand between Muang Thong United and Chonburi. There was also a big crowd and my feet were killing me. Just like that game in Thailand.

The tiny main stand was packed and people were entering the stadium all through the first half as Persipasi attempted to go to the top of the Premier League, Group 1.

Not an auspicious start for the home side who missed the verteran Stephen Mennoch who was suspended but on the field they were the bightest of the two with Arif Sarifudin looking lively down the left flank and Mansyur showing good touches in the penalty area.

After having a defender carried off early doors, it may have been former international Firmansyah, Persipasi took the lead when a free kick from th elead was nodded home by Erick Senaen.

Just seven minutes later and Mansyur made it two nil and the home side looked to be coasting.

But they lost another player to injury and allowed the bottom side from somewhere in Sumatra to claw their way back in the game. To be honest when half time came I was pretty sure there would be more goals in the game and they would come from the home side. Persires, I was convinced, had recruited some of the donkeys from the car park and were ripe for plucking.

Second half though Persipasi sat back and let Persires come at them. Bad move. Paases went astray. no one could hold the ball up and it seemed a matter of time before the unthinkable would happen,

76' to be precise when Ade Abdullah got one back. The fans in themain stand responded with chants to replace the keeper which seemed stoopid. It was the defence and midfield who were standing off and making mistakes.

The visitors number 22 manhandled one Persipasi striker to the ground and it should have been a straight red but the ref flashed yellow. The offnder wasn't impressed nad went for the ref, chest puffed out and a nasty melee followed. He should have walked, if not for the challenge then the near assault on the official and he was quite right after the final whistle to rush up to the ref and give him a big, hot, sweaty, smelly hug.

Persipasi hung on for an unconvincing win but three points is till three points and they will be hoping Mennoch returns for them on Wednesday when they host 4th placed Persih.

More good news for Persipasi could be on the way with news that JP Boumsong and Alex Robinson could be arriving in time for the second round of fixtures. Their current club, Persikad, look on the edge of implosion and they will prove a useful addition to the men from Patriot Stadium.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Zimbabwe? Dream on...

Earlier in the year Malaysia announced they would play Zimbabwe in a couple of friendlies. Instead what they got was some club side.

A few days back the Thais announced they would be playing Oman in an international friendly...despite the fact that the Omanis were playing in Singapore 24 hours later.

Now the Thais fancy a game against Zimbabwe and are promoting it on the official FA website, the game kicking off on Tuesday, the day after tomorrow.

Now comes news from Zimbabwe that they won't be going!

How does this happen? The Thai FA website is still promoting a game for Tuesday even though a Zimbabwe paper says they're not going.

The Thais must have had some idea of when Zimbabwe would be arriving in Bangkok...

It's a bloody good job no Thai fans have gone and booked flights or made other travel arrangements for a game that doesn't exist. Just days after another game that didn't exist, Oman, wasn't cancelled because, of course, how can you cancel something that never existed.

Now, how does the Thai concept face explain this away? A misunderstanding perhaps or something lost in translation?

Seriously, if you want to keep up to date with international friendlies in this region then look out for a guy called Jonny posting on Kallang Roar. He is far more reliable than the respective FAs.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Jaya's tryst with destiny

Persib's poor form this season has seen the pressure mount on coach Jaya Hartono and that poor showing away to Persema could well have been the final straw. Word in Bandung is that the coach has until their next game to effect an improvement or he could be gone. Their next game is against Persija on 9 January!

The goals have dried up for a side that boast attacking options like Christian Gonzales, Hilton Moreira and Budi Sudarsono.

Gonzales, leading scorer for the last four years in Indonesia, has netted just once all season while their leading scorer, Brazilian striker Hilton has just two.


Fahruddin's month ahead

28/12 - Singapore Select v Oman
31/12 - Singapore v Oman
06/01 - Singapore v Iran
09/01 - Persib v Persija
13/01 - Sriwijaya v Persija
20/01 - Persija v Persitara
24/01 - Persija v Persisam
27/01 - Persija v Bontang
30/01 - Persija v Persijap

Seven games in 23 days. Flights to and from Palembang as well as possibly Malang.


Indonesia Premier League 24/12

Group 2

Persikab v Deltras 3-0 (Fortune 2, Asmar)
Persis v Mitra Kukar 1-0 (Ferry)

Deltras missed the chance to go five points clear of Group 2 after they were well thumped by Persikab at Jalak Harupat Stadium. Two goals from former Arema man Fortune helped his club rise to 5th and if they beat Mitra Kukar on Sunday they could go top.

At Manahan Stadium in Solo the home team showed us the fine south east Asian tradition of walking off the field when things don't go your way os alive and kicking when they got the hump after the ref had the temerity to give the visitors a penalty with three minutes.

Off walks the home team, lots of pushing and shouts of oi oi oi in the ref's face while the fans threw plastic water bottles on the field.

Finally Persis deigned to return to the field, the penalty was taken and scored. 1-1. But wait. The referee had noticed encroachment! For the love of the tooth fairy, this is Indonesia where players who don't encroach at spot kicks get in trouble.

Anyway the ref, perhaps knowing what was best for him, told the visiting player to retake the penalty and this time it was saved. Much to the relief of the home team, their supporters and the referee.


Coaches in the news

This report has the Indonesian FA contacting Abdur Rahman Gurning to replace outgoing national coach Benny Dollo. Gurning is currently with PSPS Pekanbaru who currently sit mid table in the Indonesia Super League.

Other names being linked to the job locally include former coach Ivan Kolev and two club side coaches Persipura's Jacksen F Tiago and Sriwijaya's Rahmad Darmawan.

Former Persija and Petrokimia coach Sergei Dubrovin is also being linked with a job in Indonesia after serving a 12 month suspension. Not with any specific position mind, just a 'come and get me' type plea.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Fixture lists

As far as I recall three leagues are due to start in the new year. The Malaysian Super League kicks off 9 January when Selangor take on Negeri Sembilan. The SLeague kicks off 1 Feburary but no one knows who the new clubs are while the V League kicks off ... when?


Arema management response

Following on from the story of a couple of days ago, Arema exodus threatened, Arema's supporters website Ongisnade had a meeting with a club official yesterday. A full account can be found on the Ongisnade site.

Can anybody summarise it?


Persib v Persija

It's one of the hottest atmosphere's in Indonesian football with a hatred that rivals anything that Europe can throw up. Away fans don't travel, if they do they keep quiet, while the visiting team often departs in an armoured personnel carrier.

This season's first meeting between these two rivals takes place on 9 January and already officials have said the Jalak Harupat Stadium, Persib's home stadium, cannot be used.

Persib have drawn up three alternatives. Manahan Stadium in Solo, Jatidiri Stadium in Semarang or the Gajayana Stadium in Malang.

No decision has yet been made though one hopes they make one pretty bloody quickly. On the 6th players from both teams will be representing Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand in Asian Cup qualifiers. It would be nice if they could fly straight to the selected city on the Thursday, two days before the game.


SAFFC's new warriors

Richard Bok is gearing his side up for a 5th consecutive SLeague next season as well as making more of an impression on the AFC Champions League. To achieve the latter they must get past Sriwijaya in a play off on 30 January at Jalan Besar Stadium.

As part of the Warriors pre season training the team will be spending a few days in Vietnam where they will take on Dong Tam Long An and Saigon Navi Bank as well as probably a friendly against Swedish side AIK Stockholm in Singapore.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Import Report

OK so we're not halfway through the season but it is crimbo and I have even more free time than usual so here is an exclusive (!) report card of the Singaporean, Thai and Japanese imports and their season so far. Some teams don't get shown as much as others so it is unfair to come out and say someone is shite purely because their team is struggling when I have never seen them play.

Noh Alam Shah (Arema & Singapore) - top of the table, scored a few goals, had some bookings and a red card, just like any other season for the former Tampines striker. To be fair the times I have seen him he has seemed less firey than usual and his bookings have smacked of the ref saying to his grandchildren 'I booked Noh Alam Shah'. His team are also top of the league.

M Riduan (Arema & Singapore) - top of the table which means he, along with his team mates, must be something right. Got a couple of assists which have helped his team's cause but I always feel with Riduan there is more to come

Precious Emuejeraye (Sriwijaya & Singapore) - his team have struggled to find any consistency away from home which hasn't helped. Also worth pointing out they have the 3rd worst defence in the league which won't please coach Rahmad Darmawan or even Indonesia coach Benny Dollo when you consider partnering Precious is national captain Charis Yulianto.

Takatoshi Uchida (Persebaya) - tall defender signed from SLeague side Albirex Niigata there have been times, especially at the start of the season when Taka was all over the place but obviously a lot of work has been done on the defence at Persebaya and things have been tightened. Still prone to a few Titus Bramble moments but then that's Persebaya for you.

Sinthaweechai Hathairatnakul (Persib & Thailand) - had been doing everything right. Caught the ball when he had to, looked in control of his penalty area, did the simple things well. Then had a horror 25 minutes against Persema, conceding two goals that he won't want to see. Ever again.

Suchao Nuchmee - (Persib & Thailand) - quality players make the game look simple and Suchao falls into that category. Boy did Persib miss him yesterday. He is one of those players who always seems to have time on the ball. I thought that was just a commentator's cliche till I watched this guy.

Phaitoon Thiabma (Persijap) - does a job down the right, Phaitoon is perhaps the import with the most experience of playing in Indonesia. But is it enough to make an impression at international level? Probably not yet.

Mustafic Fahruddin (Persija & Singapore) - Persija have yet to get going this season and one reason is the lack of midfield. Mustafic comes in and does a job but he suffers from a defence that at times looks porous at best and absent at worst.

Bahaikki Khaizan (Persija & Singapore) - to be honest when he was playing alongside Herman Abanda at times I was having kittens and I'm not a Persija fan. Most famously against Persiba both central defenders went missing for two late free kicks and Persija lost 2-0. Now been shifted into central midfield in a move that smacks of desperation.

Kenji Adichihara (Bontang) - prolific last season with Albirex Niigata in the SLeague, Kenji has yet to make any ripples.

Pipat Thonkaya (Persisam & Thailand) - possibly the sole shining light in a newly promoted side packed with expensive players who have yet to perform, coach Aji Santoso has gone on record as saying he needs a strike partner for his Thai partner.

Yuthajak Konjan (Pelita Jaya) - playing for a team that has struggled this season but showed his quality with a 35 yard strike against Persisam


Tangerang football free

Following the lead of Jakarta the city of Tangerang has cancelled all football matches over the festive period to safeguard places of worship.

Back in 2000 there was a series of bombings at churches in and around Jakarta over the holiday period and since then authorities have made security a prime concern.

Jakarta has cancelled all football unti 7 January while Tangerang has cancelled until 2 January meaning that next Monday's game between Persita and Persikabo, an ideal festive affair given the short distances between the two, has been postponed while no one is sure yet whether their game with PSMS on 4 January will go ahead or not.

Meanwhile staying with Tangerang the police have warned that any more incidents involving Persikota fans could see them refusing permission for the team to use the Benteng Stadium. They cite three incidents so far, out of four games, most recently when four supporters were fired at by angry residents using air guns.


Arema exodus threatened

Coach Robert Alberts has slammed Arema's management as not professional and claimed that many things promised in the contracts have yet to be delivered.

He cited a bonus after winning in Persijap that was promised but not delivered and also being told to leave hotels because the club hadn't paid the bills.

Alberts went on to state that if things don't improve in the near future then Arema's 3-0 victory over Sriwijaya will be his last game with the club and it is understood many of the foreign players will also reassess their futures.

Talking football Arema produced their biggest victory of the season turning over Sriwijaya 3-0 with goals by Pierre Njanka, M Fakruddin and Roman Chemelo to keep the Crazy Lions on top with 27 points from 12 games.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Malang Kosin

A 45 minutes for Thai international Sinthaweechai Hathairatnakul to forget as he gifted home side Persema two goals in the opening 25 minutes.

With the Persema taking a hold of the midfield from the opening seconds it wasn't long before they were peppering the Persib goal with efforts from distance; a tactic that certainly paid dividends against champions Persipura.

It took nine minutes to take the lead. A hopeful cross eluded jumping Persib defenders, Jairon got the faintest of touches after the ball slipped under the keeper's body.

And things got worse halfway through the first half when Pepito got in front of Sinthaweechai and powered home a header from a corner.

Jairon made it 3-0 right on half time with a blistering effort from outside the box that left the keeper with no chance.

Second half was a non event. Persema sat back and said to Persib come on then, give it your best shot. They couldn't and eventually the home side could afford to substitute both goal scorers and goalkeeper as they comfortably saw out the rest of the game.

What of Persib? I feel sorry for the lads who made the long journey to Malang to follow their team because what they got in return was a nothing performance. Maung Bandung, as they are known, is a team packed with quality and indeed were one of my tips for the title.

Not on this showing. Quite how can a midfield boasting the likes of Ramdhani, Hariono and Atep not conjure up anything for Christian Gonzales is a mystery. And talking Enid Blyton what was Budi Sudarsono doing starting the game n the bench for, Airlangga being chosen to replace the suspended Hilton.

Second half they huffed and puffed but with little imagination or quality, Budi apart. It was defence against attack, like a training session, and Persema, lacking in stars they maybe, are a team packed with hard workers. When they put up the shutters it's gonna take someting special to open them again and Persib plainly lacked that.

Persema are now third five points behind city rivals and leaders Arema.


Knackered just thinking about it

The Thai season ended in October. The new season starts in March. By utilising the toes on my left foot, a pot of paint and a box of donuts I calculate a five month close season.

Five bloody months.

Except of coure it wasn't anything like that. More like five weeks. For many clubs training began at the beginning of December as teams prepared for an irrelevant, sory, gruelling round of friendlies and tournaments.

Now we have the laughably named Super Cup which features, among others Muang Thong United and Chonburi. Who also played each other last week in a friendly. And more than a few of the players would have been together for the SEA Games and/or the Asian Cup qualifiers.

Forget mai pen rai, some of these players are gonna be seriously sick to death of each other. The lucky ones are them who only have to play club football in Indonesia.

In the new year it will be the turn of Thai Port to hold a four team tournament featuring two other Thai teams and a Singaporean.

It wasn't that long ago that Muang Thong United were featuring in a tournament in Phuket alongside the national team.

The TPL begins in March. It all seems a bit much but never mind. The FA are still hoping to play England some time.


International Friendlies

28/12 - Singapore Select v Oman
31/12 - Singapore v Oman
02/01 - Malaysia v Syria CANCELLED

Some crucial Asian Cup qualifiers take place on 6 January so forward planning FAs have been busy lining up friendlies to help their teams prepare. Thailand had announced a game against Oman which did seem wierd at the time considering the Omanese were scheduled to play in Singapore 24 hours later.

Indonesia will be hoping to arrange friendlies against local club sides as well as powerhouses the Army. Who knows, they may even contact my pub team but I think most of the lads will have made other arrangements.

The Thais will be holding their usual King's Cup in January though it will be after the qualifier against Jordan. Interesting that Singapore have been invited. With the SAF involved in AFC Champions League qualification and the SLeague starting on 1 February I wonder what kind of team they will send. Young Lions perchance?


What's hot on Jakarta Casual TV

Top 5 games

Persija v Persita
Persija v PSIS
Indonesia v Saudi Arabia
Woodlands Wellington v SAFFC
Muang Thong United v Chonburi

Top 5 players

Peter Lang (FC SChaffhausen & Thailand)
Mustafic Fahruddin (Persija & Singapore)
Takatoshi Uchida (Persebaya)
Sinthaweechai 'Kosin' Hathairatnakul (Chonburi & Thailand)
Pipat Thonkaya (Persisam & Thailand)

Top 5 others

NJ Mania (Persitara fans)
Dez Corkhill (TV presenter)
Ferry Indrasyrief (Persija Assistant Manager)
Jules Denis Onana (Former Cameroonian international/agent)
Half time hold up (Muang Thong United v Chonburi)

Check 'em all out, plus many more, at Jakarta Casual TV...bringing south east Asian football to life


Pro Duta's galaxy of stars

Owned by geezer who owned PSMS Medan last season, Pro Duta are one of the few teams in Indonesian football privately owned.

They are coached by Kostadin Angelov, a former Bulgarian Under 16 coach who previously coached PFC Botev 1912 in his home country.

He has gathered some familiar names to the club which moved pre season from Bandung to Yogyakarta. Names like Emalue Serge, Tarik El Janabi, Irvin Museng and francis Wewengkang are familiar faces in the world of Indonesian football.

Check out their website Pro Duta


Vote of confidence

A report locally suggests that Persebaya coach Danurwindo's position is safe. For now.

I hope so. Persebaya this season have been playing some wonderful, attacking football. Early on that cost them heavily as their defence was obviously being coached by a retired kamikaze pilot.

But things have tightened up recently at the back and the last three games have seen them concede just one goal. Which came against Persik when they lost 1-0. And six points there would see them now in 3rd.

If. If my brother married a Thai ladyboy he/she would be my brother in law/sister in law/a popular topic in the pub.

The side from the City of Heroes has suffered from injuries this time with Cameroonian striker Claude Ngon A Djam Parfait having been out already for several weeks while another stiker Korinus Fingkrew, who hit a hat trick against Persiwa, has also missed games recently.

Talking Persebaya their game against Pelita Jaya Karawang, supposed to be today, has been moved to 10 January.
In their two home defeats this season, Persipura and Persik, it could be argued, and indeed has been by me not that anyone cares, they dominated the games and should have come away with emphatic victories.


Indonesia Premier League

Persiraja v Persikabo 2-0 (Erik, Zulkarnain)
PSDS v Persita 0-1 (Agus)
PSSB v Persipasi 2-1 (Kahar, Rais; Erick)

1 - Persita 5 4 0 1 5-1 12
2 - Persih 6 3 3 1 6-2 12
3 - Persipasi 8 4 0 4 8-8 12

Not many teams go to the far tip of Sumatra and win both games. Persita Tangerang did and that's probably why they are top of the table. Persipasi were less fortunate and slip down the table.

Persikad v Persiba *
Persikota v Pro Duta 2-0 (Daniels, Taryana)

Four Persikota fans were shot after the game yesterday by air guns! Local residents were upset about something from the pervious game so shot four kids which seems a bit extreme. In my match report I mentioned some movement on the terraces and assumed, wrongly, that Persita fans had mobbed up outside.

Persikad again never showed up for their game, this time against Persiba. The side from Depok had moved their stadium to Cirebon but for the last two games never played. They run a real risk of being kicked out the IPL while the foreign players will likely report the club to FIFA for non payment of wages.

1 - Deltras 6 4 1 1 8-3 13
2 - PSIS 7 3 2 2 10-10 11
3 - Persikota 8 3 2 3 9-10 11

PSIR v Perseman 1-0
Persiku v Persiram 2-3 (Agus Santiko 2; Kubay, Titus Bonai, Julien Mbom)
PSS v Persipro 0-0
PSIM v PSBI 3-0 (Topas Pamungkas, Dicky Hidayat, Harimanto)

1 - Persiram 7 6 1 0 18-5 19
2 - PS Mojokerto 6 5 0 1 10-4 15

Top Scorers

7 - Abel Quioh (Persibo)
6 - Ezequial Gonzales (Persiba)
5 - Stephen Mennoch (Persipasi, Javier Roca (Persidafon), Evandro Antonio (PSMP), Titus Bonai (Persiram)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Persikota v Pro Duta 2-0

Pro Duta may have the big names, including one time Ajax trialee Irvin Museng, but they were rarely in this game as Persikota's slick passing tore them apart time and time again.

The home side looked stronger at the back than they did against Persiba, despite or because of a player being suspended, while going forward plenty of neat passing had the tardy visitors chasing shadows of shadows.

The introduction of the Persikota 22, so impressive against Persiba, was the signal for the home side to up a gear and they soon took the lead through a soft penalty.

Normally in games like this you don't get many chances but that wasn't the case today and Persikota could have been two up in the first 10 minutes.

Some fans missed the opening goal as what I can only imagine was some Persita fans turned up outside the stadium and they were warmly welcomed by their foes.

Moments later it was 2-0 as yet again the team in yellow broke the offside trap this time finishing with aplomb. Or a plum.

Good game and that's seven points from their last three games for Persikota.

Highlights and crowd scenes Jakarta Casual TV


Just like old times

Sporting tabloid Top Skor is reporting that neither Persija nor Persitara will be able to play any games in Jakarta during the holiday season.

Games affected

Persija v Persitara & Persela
Persitara v Persik

Lucky I don't book my holidays round the football innit?


Ill discipline

There is a problem with discipline in football today and it's not defined by geographic borders. But ASEAN does seem to suffer quite badly as these recent examples show

Myanmar v Singapore (AFF Cup) - Myanmar players assault officials
Chula United v Pattaya United (TPL) - Pattaya players walk off the field for a while
Sriwijaya v Persipura (Copa Indonesia) - Persipura player headbutts ref, teams walks off and stays off
Tampines Rovers v SAFFC (SLeague) - Tampines players close to walk off
Malaysia v Vietnam (SEA Games) - Malaysia players attack officials (feedback)

And there have been others. All together very shameful and suggesting that these things happen in England is bollocks. No team has walked off the pitch. Players act like twats agreed but teams tend not to attack the officials.

FIFA needs to do something about this before we get a walk off in an internationally high profile game.

The solution is simple. Carry on regardless. Why should play stop because some immature twat throws his toys out the pram?

If it's in a sporting event, like Myanmar and Malaysia above they should be on the next flight home. Period.

The ASEAN Football Federation won't do anything. The AFC won't do anything. It needs to come from FIFA. But perhaps they're too busy bullying Brunei.

Of course there is the other side of the coin isn't there. That a south east Asian football event isn't complete without a team getting prissy and walking off.

Now that's something to be really proud of, eh?

Monday, December 21, 2009


Persebaya put off

After a couple of disappointing results at home, coach Danurwindo must have been looking forward to Wednesday's (rearranged) game against Pelita Jaya Karawang as a chance to get the players playing rather than thinking.

They mullered Persik last time out but just couldn't score so it was important the players could get out on the pitch as quickly as possibly and try and convert those near misses as quickly as possible.

The game was initially scheduled for November at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung but was called off after the security officials there refused to give permission for the game to go ahead citing concerns of thousands of travelling Persebaya fans.

Pelita Jaya have been told they cannot use their new Singaperbangsa Stadium until after & January.

The club have approached Siliwangi Stadium, Bandung and Jalak Harupat Stadium, Soreang but neither stadium appears keen while Soemantri Brodjonegoro is apparently unavailable.


Deltras eye quick return

Deltras were relegated from the ISL last season with a feeble record but have started life in the IPL on fire. Yesterday they defeated the well funded, and previously undefeated, Persidafon 1-0 thanks to Khusen's second half effort.

Just a couple of years ago the side from Sidoarjo boasted Jaya Hartono as coach and paraded talent like Hilton Moreiera, Claudio Pronetto, Jose Sebastian and Hariono.

The win puts them back on top of Group 2. IPL and on Wednesday they are due to play Persikab at Jalak Harapat Stadium.

In yesterday's other game Mitra Kukar climbed from 12th, which is bottom, to 7th, which isn't, after defeating Gresik United 3-0.

1 - Deltras 6 4 1 1 8-3 13
2 - PSIS 7 3 2 2 10-10 11
3 - PPSM 7 3 1 3 6-9 10

Tomorrow sees Persikota host Pro Duta and victory could see them go level on points with PSIS.


Persiba fans at Benteng Stadium

A few days back I went to see Persikota play Persiba Bantul at Benteng Stadium and was pleasantly surprised to see a reasonable turnout by the away fans.

On Wednesday they play Persikad and I'm not sure whether they will be travelling to that game, Persikad's last game never happened even though everyone was in place, but I thought kudos to the lads from Bantul for making the effort.

The above picture comes from their Flickr pages.


On the road with Indonesian football fans

Persib play Persema in an intriguing game on Wednesday at the Gajayana Stadium and they can look forward to some support just days after they played out a 0-0 draw in an empty stadium against Arema.

Persib fans, known as Bobotoh, will set off tomorrow afternoon by train or special buses for the long trip east.


The referee's a homer

It always makes me laugh when players and coaches come out and slam the match officials after they have lost an away game...yet at their home they have near perfect records!


Persija held

Persija v Pelita Jaya 1-1 (Bambang; Egi) 15,000
PSPS v Persitara 1-0 (Isnaini) 15,000
Persema v Sriwijaya 1-0 (Kamri) 7,000
Persiba v Persijap 1-0 Julio Lopez)

1 - Arema 11 7 3 1 10-3 24
2 - Persiba 13 6 3 4 18-10 21
3 - Persela 9 6 1 2 9-5 19
4 - Persema 11 6 1 4 13-14 19

Sunday, December 20, 2009


What's new on Jakarta Casual TV

Interview with Pipat Thongkaya
The Jakmania - Mustafic Fahruddin was blown away by the atmosphere in this game while Baihakki Kaizan was the last to leave the field over the 2-0 victory as he soaked up the atmosphere


Axe effect

We're not yet a third of the way through the ISL season and still no bugger has been sacked. And this despite some less than stellar starts from some of the supposed bigger names in the country.

Rahmad Darmawan has probably the safest job in football so we'll leave him alone while it doesn't matter who the coach is at Persitara. Persiwa, Persija and Persiba each have Technical Directors who pull the strings and have coaches as potential fall guys.

The guy at Persik is probably safe for the time being especially given their recent fine form while Widowo Cahya Putra at Persela and Junaedi at Persijap will keep getting results at home to keep them safe from the blade.

Persib strike me as a club that prize stability, relatively speaking, so Jaya Hartono is probably safe while Subangkit at Persema and Robert Alberts at Arema should also be safe.

So who does that leave in the greatest danger?

Aji Santoso (Persisam) - the newly promoted Borneo Eagles went on a highly poblicised spending spree when they got promoted bringing in a lot of familiar names. Names like Fagundez, Danilo, Hamka Hamza, Usep Munadar, Zaenal Arif among others. They also signed Thai international Pipat Thongkaya. Given that experience I would love to know how they could put up such a spineless performance away to Persitara.

Jacksen F Tiago (Persipura) - the biggest charge that can be brought against the champions is they haven't replaced Nigerian striker Ernest Jeremiah. Theyhave suffered from injuries and having to play home games in Makassar and have yet to find any consistency. They lost players to the SEA Games, including the talismanic Boas Solossa and you would think that with an AFC Champions League campaign in the new year they would be looking for stability.

Danurwindo (Persebaya) - the great entertainers maybe but despite what talking heads on TV might opine football is about results and nothing else. Just four points from three home games has the tongues wagging in Surabaya and their next two games won't have them feeling too confident. Persijap and Persela away. Struggled with injuries, Claude Parfait Ngon A Djam has been abset for a while.

Fandi Ahmad (Pelita Jaya Karawang) - difficult to know where to start with Pelita Jaya. They play Persija missing four players including their top scorer Edison Fonseca. Goals have been hard to come by for Fandi's men with only Fonseca, Firman Utina and Yuthajak getting on the score sheet. Just a single victory in their opening 11 games and four points adrift at the bottom of the table, it don't look good at the moment.

Fachry Husein (Bontang) - on the island of Kalimantan, little is expected of Bontang and it is perhaps these low expectations that keep Fachry in a job. He no doubt would say his team needed more time for the strikeforce of Aldo Baretto and Kenji Adichahara to forge a partnership

Hanafing (PSM) - just two goals in their last six games. Nothing away from home all season. Maybe they could point to victories over Persib and Persija but it does look like PSM, one of Indonesia's biggest clubs, are too reliant on Christian Carrasco and their current position of 13th looks like flattery unbounded. They now have two home games and win both they could be top five. But I don't see them maintaining such lofty heights all season.


Persik's Christmas Carol

Clean sheets aren't something you would normally associate with Persik Kediri who have made a name for themselves as a carefree attacking side where defenders were ususally reluctant at best and wholly out of position ar worse.

But not anymore it seems. As we enter the festive season, and as Indonesians discover Ebeneezer Scrooge for the first time, the two time champions have developed a defensive stability that you would more associate with George Graham era Arsenal sides.

OK we may argue that they got away with it yesterday against Persebaya. But the table shows a 1-0 win. It records three points and a clean sheet and Andi Odang's efforts will soon be forgotten.

The victory at 10th November Stadium in Surabaya was their third on the spin, a run of form that has seen them climb to 5th spot in the ISL, seven points behind Arema but with a game in hand.

They may not be as recklessly pleasing on the eye as the 2006 team that Daniel Roekito guided to title glory. Then we had the Latin trio of Christian Gonzales, Ronald fagundez and Danilo Fernando pulling the strings of an entertaining side that scored with gay abandon and kept its fingers crossed when it came to defensive duty.

Not as spectacular maybe but yesterday they still had the guts to go with three up top as Yongki Aribowo returned from SEA Games duty to partner Saktiawan Sinaga and Patricio Morales.

I understand from some Persija people that they were unimpressed with the White Lions as they played out a 0-0 at Lebak Bulus. Be that as it may, I am looking forward to seeing if Persik can maintain their upward momentum when they take on Persitara at the weekend.


Arema v Persib 0-0

Football without fans is like going on the road with Rafa Benetiz. Pointless.

Going into this game Arema were severly depleted with leading scorer Noh Alam Shah suspended, Muhamed Riduan benched as was Pierre Njanka. So you could say they were not unhappy with the point they took out of the game.

Didn't watch most of it mind. Played out against a backdrop of empty terraces it all seemed so surreal. But even then, with nary a soul inside the ground the atmosphere was still better than an average SLeague game with many Arema fans outside making a bit of a racket.

But it was 0-0, I didn't see it so can't say much. So I won't. So there.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Persebaya v Persik 0-1

I expected a firey affair between these two sides and boy was I not disappointed.

Somewhat against the run of play Persik took the lead near the end of the first half when Yongki Aribowo reacted first to Patricio Morales looping header coming off the cross bar. It was the young strikers third goal in two games since returning from Indonesia's disasterous SEA Games campaign.

Talking Yongki there seeemed to be a sub theme to this game as he was on the end of some rough old challenges from his SEA Games team mate Djayusman.

Persebaya came flying out the traps second half and for 20 minutes were literally camped inside the Persik half. Andi Odang, such a calm accomplished finisher, had the Persik keeper Herman Batak rolling in the Surabayan mud a few times as did substitute Andik Virmiansyah but it looked increasingly like Persik would hang on for a famous victory.

With Persik back pedalling so much striker Saktiawan Sinaga, a passenger for much of the game, was replaced by the combatitve Wawan and it took him just a few moments to have his white shirt covered in mud.

Some light relief when Batak went down for the thousandth time and was dragged off by Andik who doubles as a smurf in children's pantomimes.

Delight then for the hardy travelling support who know face a rough journey home. For Persebaya they look back on a game where they had the chances and dominated possession. That's four points from three home games and coach Danurwindo will be feeling pretty bloody nervous.

But it was great fun to watch!


ISL weekend

I had hoped to flit down to Malang this weekend but with the ISL making Arema v Persib play in front of an empty stadium I knocked it on the head.

It is undoubtedly the pick of the weekend's fixtures and Persib will travel east feeling they stand a chance with Arema losing last time against Persela, Noh Alam Shah being suspended and of course no Aremania kicking up a racket.

The Bandung side lost their first four away games so will be hoping to keep the shutters down against an extremely disciplined Arema side who do struggle to score.

Today's other game sees Persebaya host Persik. The Green Force are still without Claude Ngon A Djam but do have 32 year old Andi Odang up front and on fire. Danurwindo's men are currently the top scorers in the ISL but last time out they drew 0-0 which must have have come as something as a shock to all concerned.

Tomorrow we have PSPS hosting Persitara who after losing their first six games have now lost just one in five. But PSPS just got a draw away to Persiwa so knickers to ya. Persija host Pelita Jaya Karawang and Fandi's men just can't score for toffee, or tofu, this season. And guess what, their leading scorer, Edison Fonseca, will be missing for this game.

Another fascinating game tomorrow sees Persema against Sriwijaya. After a slow start the Palembang have quietly been putting some sort of run together and they must fancy their chances against a Persema side that will be missing a few defenders. It promises to be a fascinating midfield battle this one.


Players available

Every once in a while I get forwarded cvs from players looking for a team in the region. Now obviously we are not talking about superstars here, I did return Beckham's as he had spelt his name wrong, just honest journeymen pros.

Any coaches looking for a player then drop me a line or add me to your circulars and if there is one that fits your bill I will forward the details and the rest is down to you and him.


Therdsak Chaiman

One source tells me that Thai midfielder Therdsak Chaiman has agreed terms with Chonburi in the Thai Premier League. This follows news that one of his Indonesian suitors baulked at the wage demands of the 36 year old midfielder.


Shame for Persikad

Those with long memories may recall a businessman taking over Persikad a few months back after attempts to buy Persija fell through. For whatever reason the Persikad players have still not been paid, they are owed 10 months, but they are doing their bit on the field despite being moved from Depok to Cirebon.

Yesterday they were due to host Pro Duta in the port city. The players turned up. Fans turned up. Even a few local dignitaries. But the game never happened.

As far as I can make out the organisers just decided not to organise but then if everyone was there surely it was organised?

The game has been awarded to Pro Duta 3-0 and I imagine the authorities will be taking a close look at the events, or non events, surrounding Persikad.


Malaysian FA Cup Draw

SDM Kepala Batas v PKNS Selangor
Felda United v Pahang
Malaysia Pos v MP Muar
KL Plus v Harimau Muda
Kuala Lumpur v Johor
PDRM v Melodi Jaya
Johor FC v Negeri Sembilan
Perlis v Perak
T Team v Shahzan Muda
Penang v Sarawak
Staf USM v Terengganu
UiTM v Ban Hoe Leong
ATM v Melaka
Sabah v Kedah

Games to be played 2 & 6 February. Winners Selangor and Runner's Up Kelantan join procedings in the 2nd Round when Selangor play the winners of Selangor PKNS v SDM Kepala Batas while Kelantan will play either Sabah or Kedah.


Indonesia Premier League

Persiraja v Persita 0-1
PSDS v Persikabo 2-1
PSAP v Persipasi 1-0
Persires v Persih 1-3

Persikad v Pro Duta 0-0 *
Persikota v Persiba 2-1

PSS v PSBI 2-1
PSIM v Persipro 0-0
PSIR v Persiram 0-0
Persiku v Perseman 1-0

Before yesterday Persih sat 3rd in the IPL Group 1 but had managed just three goals in their opening six games. They matched that total in 90 minutes to move top of the table after Persipasi slipped up in Silgi.

PSIS jumped to the top of Group 2 after defeating second placed PPSM comfortably at Jatidiri Stadium while Persikota's three points see them climb from second bottom to 5th.

And finally Persiram gave up their 100% record drawing 0-0 against PSIR Rembang. The big spending side from Raja Ampat way out east and coached by Raja Isa are now four points clear after six games but second placed Mojokerto Putra have a chance to make up some of that today when they host 4th placed Persibo

Group 1
1 - Persih 7 3 3 1 6-2 12
2 - Persipasi 7 4 0 3 7-6 12

Group 2
1 - PSIS 7 3 2 2 10-10 11
2 - Deltras 5 3 1 1 7-3 10

Group 3
1 - Persiram 6 5 1 0 15-3 16
2 - Mojokerto 5 4 0 1 9-4 12

* More later about this


Home to Bangkok

My mate Marco is reporting that SLeague side Home United will be playing in a four team tournament in Bangkok early January.

Hosted by Thai FA Cup winners Thai Port it will also feature TTM Pichet and Osotsapa Saraburi.

Talking about Marco the first time I met him he was doing a Nick Kamen in the Thai Port club shop.

Odd, how some things stick in the mind...


Persija to Singapore?

Persija are considering flying to Singapore for a couple of friendlies early in the new year. Scheduling could be difficult with the SLeague kicking off 1 February and Persija scheduled to play Persijap on 30 January.

The Kemayoran Tigers do have a 10 day break after playing Sriwijaya in Palembang on 14 January.

Nothing has been confirmed and, to be fair, nothing is likely to happen, but if it does go ahead then the plan would be to play friendlies against Geylang United and Tampines Rovers.


Rival fans clash in Karawaci

Karawaci is a fair distance from Tangerang but last night it witnessed a bit of football violence as Persikota fans, arriving home from having witnessed their team defeat Persiba 2-1, got involved in running battles with fans of Persita, their bitter Tangerang rivals.

There has been a history of trouble between both sets of fans in recent years and now they are both in the Premier League but Persita are in Group One while Persikota are in Group 2.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Persikota v Persiba Bantul 2-1

Well this was a turnip in the old vegetable patch.

Before kick off Persiba were sitting 3rd in the Indonesia Premier League Group 2 and victory today would have seen them leap frog Deltras and PPSM into top spot. Persikota however were 2nd bottom.

After three minutes it could have been 2-0 to the visitors as the home side's defence and goalkeeper decided they didin't really want to talk to each other.

Persikota, for their part, went with just one striker and obviously it worked. But it's easy to get bogged down by formations, it's the players that count. In the last game I went to both Persitara and Persisam had two up top but no supply or support from the midfield. Persikota's number 22 was ably backed by two or three midfielders who rushed to support him.

Roared on by a small but passionate band of supporters who had left Bantul 24 hours earlier to make the road trip west, Persiba had the possession but were unable to get that first goal.

Ezequial Gonzales finally gave the visitors the lead at the start of the second half when he was given way too much time. He had gone close on a few occassions earlier so it was no surprise the striker did finally hit his 6th goal of the season.

I think he's Argentinian. He was with Persiba last season as well I believe when he also managed to net a few goals and I was intrigued as to why no ISL clubs had come in for him. Think I can now guess why.

He's an old school centre forward. Big and strong but as well as sounding like an Old Testament prophet he also has the pace of some biblical sage.

Persikota equalised and then made it 2-1 with a header from a free kick. They even had the ball in the net a third time but that was wiped out by the ref who felt sorry for the visitors. The same ref also sent off a Persikota defender in injury time.

With an away support there was the possibility of some naughties on the terraces but such is the lay out of Benteng Stadium there is little likleyhood of anything kicking off with such a small crowd. In the first half a dozen Persikota lads did get within yelling distance of the away fans but were chased off by a policeman eating an ice cream.


Malaysia win SEA Games

Not that it will be a surprise to regular readers here yesterday the Malaysians beat Vietnam 1-0, own goal, to lift the SEA Games trophy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


1st defeat for Arema

Persebaya v Persiba 0-0
Persik v PSM 4-0 (Yongki Aribowo 2, Patricio Morales, OK John)
Persitara v Persisam 1-0 (Prince Bello Kabir)
Persijap v Persema 3-1
Pelita Jaya v Bontang 0-0
Persipura v Persija 0-0
Persela v Arema 1-0
Persiwa v PSPS 1-1 (Pieter Rumaropen;Herman Dzumafo)

Some surprises yesterday. PSPS getting a point in Wamena, the first non Papuan team to do so in yonks while goal kings Persebaya held goalless and Persipura dropping more points.

Arema remain top but the lead is cut to four points after Syamsul Arief scored his first goal for Persela since his move their. Oh and Noh Alam Shah got sent off for a second yellow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Persitara v Persisam 1-0

Persitara kept their recent good run going with this somewhat lucky win over a severley depleted Persisam.

For all their supposed riches newly promoted Persisam went into this game with just one recognised striker, Thai international Pipat Thongkaya, and Zaenal Arief on the bench. Also missing were Danilo Fernando and Ronald Fagundez.

So stretched were Aji Santoso's men that Hamka Hamza, a defender, was partnering Pipat and, um, to be brutally frank, it didn't work.

Pipat hit the post twice and forced the keeper into a couple of good saves but much of his good work went to waste and as the game wore on his frustration was plain for all to see.

Persitara won the game, Prince Bello Kabir getting the only goal from a free kick, his header going in the top corner, but it was a drab affair with the home side short on ideas in the middle as well.


Oman fancy South East Asia

According to the Thai FA website Thailand will play Oman in a friendly at the Thai Japanese Stadium on 27 December.

Which is odd. On a number of levels.

First the Singaporeans thought they were playing Oman on 28 & 31 December.

Unless Oman will finish the game in Bangkok then hotfoot it down to Singapore with barely time for a shower?

And secondly haven't the Thais 'suspended' assistant coach Steve Darby? And various assistant coaches quit following the SEA Games?

Third. Is Bryan Robson going to ditch a family Christmas just for one friendly?

And one more thing. There is a pre season tournament going on in Bangkok at the same time featuring Muang Thong United, Thai Port, Chonburi and Bangkok Glass. Four teams that would be expected to provide the bulk of any national squad.

All seems kinda messy but perhaps a chance for the Thai media to prove their worth by picking and training the squad themselves?

Oman will play Indonesia 6 January in an Asian Cup qualifier if they're not too knackered after their lunatic schedule

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A Thai solution

The Thai FA have temporarily suspended Steve Darby after the Under 23s failed to win gold at the SEA Games or qualify for the World Cup or finish a rubric's cube in less than seven seconds.

I have no idea what a temporary suspension entails and the story, below, sheds no light on events. But when you consider in three weeks time the Thais have an Asian Cup qualifier then temporary can mean very temporary.

It seems like a knee jerk, face saving reaction to media criticism rather than a clearly thought out move, similar to UEFA wanting to throw the book at Eduardo for 'diving' in the Champions League.

Rumours abound that the geezer who writes for the Bangkok Post will be appointed as an assistant to Bryan Robson along with a Star's Soccer writer and the three girls who walk round the pitch at Thai Port home games.

Thailand's SEA Games coach Steve Darby has been suspended "temporarily" after the eight times champion Thailand were eliminated from the first round of the 25th SEA Games last week.
There has been a lot of pressure on the Football Association of Thailand to sack Darby after staff coaches Kiatisak Senamuang and Nibhon Malanot quit their positions following the disastrous results.
FAT president Worawi Makudi said he understood the reasons why the Thai fans and media were upset but that he wanted any changes to be handled "smoothly".
However, according to reliable sources in the FAT, there will be imminent changes in the coaching set-up of the national team where Darby is assistant coach.
It is believed the FAT are looking urgently for new staff coaches to assist head coach Bryan Robson.
Thailand face an important Asian Cup qualifying match against Jordan at Rajamangala Stadium on January 6 .
"We have to beat Jordan," said a FAT member. "If we don't get a good result we will lose the faith of the Thai fans."

Monday, December 14, 2009


Thailand v Malaysia

Time for some revenge perhaps tomorrow afternoon when Chonburi take on Kelantan in a friendly in Chonburi. Though of course no one is suggesting this will become a grudge match after the Malaysians knocked Thailand out of the SEA Games.

Kelantan had a promising campaign in 2009 finishing runner's up in both the FA Cup and the Malaysia Cup. Their MSL title challenge fizzled out when they were banned from playing home games in Kota Bahru after incidents of crowd trouble.

They have lost Khalid Jumlus who has moved to the Army side but have been recruiting smartly with Hairuddin Omar, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (a candidate for Jakarta Casual Young Player of the Year 2009) and former Darlington trainee Syed Adney Syed Hussein being added to the ranks.

Of course Kelantan will not be at full strength with a few players still on SEA Games duty while it remains to be seen who lines up for Chonburi.

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