Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sriwijaya explain why they pulled Duric

Sriwijaya have that said they could not meet the demands of Singapore international striker Aleksander Duric.

The club who have won the Copa Indonesia in the last two seasons say that they were unwilling to pay for Duric and his family to stay in an executive apartment at Palembang's only 5 star hotel after they had arranged a mansion for his use.

They also baulked at paying a transfer fee to his current club, SAFFC, of about $9,000 USD.

It was of course being reported on Monday in Singapore that Duric had cancelled the move.

I interviewed Alex a couple of weeks back for Jakarta Casual TV which can be found here and he texted me after the move had broken down but I fear I cannot repeat what he said for there may be children reading!

In more bad news for Sriwijaya it has been revealed that players have not yet been paid for October though they hope to sort this out before their next home game against Persitara

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