Saturday, October 31, 2009


FA websites

Which national FA does the best job of keeping fans and media informed?

Singapore FA

Indonesia FA
Indonesia Super League

Thailand FA

Malaysia FA

Vietnam FA
V League

And the winner is...a bit of a no brainer really. The Malaysians don't bother updating theirs, the Indonesian contributions are shocking, especially the ISL one, while the Thai looks good but my Thai language skills have grown rusty since I left. Likewise the Vietnamese would look better in English!

Of course there is no compulsion for FAs and Leagues to have websites in English. But there are wierdos out there who aren't necessarily from Asia and who are interested in the regional game.

Indonesia especially, bidding for the World Cup. You would think they would have some indo there for overseas media.

But it ain't my problem. If the FAs decided they don't want to have well designed web sites that are regularly updated then that's up to them innit?

Kudos to Singapore then who make the effort and have a dedicated team devoted to regularly updating their site.

And a donut to Vietnam and Thailand for keeping he locals at least fully informed. Add English pages regulalry and they can have some jam to fill their donuts.

Indonesia and Malaysia?

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