Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Dez Corkhill Interview

A couple of weeks back when I was last in Singapore I interviewed Dez Corkhill for Jakarta Casual TV. Dez has long done his best to promote South East Asian football and now commentates on SLeague games for some local channels.

Since then the interview has gone on to be the most viewed piece on Jakarta Casual TV, nothing spectacular we're just talking hundreds, as well as being discussed in circles high and low.

It has also recieved the most comments and ratings on You Tube.

Red Sports devoted a page to the interview here while a post on while a post on while a post on Kallang Roar sees some posters calling for Dez to be the next President of the Singapore Cricket Association, a sentiment echoed by the fellas behind the Sengkang Punggol blog, Fish Out of Water.

But why should an interview with the Home guy about Singapore football elicit such a response?

FAS just need to get 1 man on board & that is PM Lee. The rest will fall in

That why S-league got the help at the start as it was then PM Goh who supported it in it early years & even SPH fall in line as they gagged Jeffery Low (Who was send to TNP to write foreign sport then)

Or else, it is just the MBT era again when his talk of co-operation era fall on deaf ears.
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