Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sorry, but this has been an issue since the Asian Cup

Coach Cites Conditioning As Indonesia’s Shortcoming

Running out of steam is at the top of the Indonesian national team’s concerns, coach Benny Dollo said on Tuesday.

Poor physical conditioning was the main factor behind the team’s 2-1 loss to host Burma during the Grand Royal Challenge final last week, he said, as fatigue prevented Indonesia from playing with vigor — normally one of its strong points.

His squad is currently training in Bogor, West Java, for the AFF Suzuki Cup, but Benny said there wasn’t time to improve players’ stamina.

“I understand that poor stamina kept the team from showing its best in Burma,” he said. “But I don’t have adequate time to fix that. Right now, I will put my focus on teamwork and organization on the pitch.”

He also said he needs at least one more assistant to run his training program. Former national team player Widodo Cahyono Putro is the team’s only assistant.

At this point Benny could use all the help he can get, especially as Indonesia’s performance at the AFF Cup may determine his fate as national team boss.

When Benny was hired in January, replacing Bulgarian coach Ivan Venkov Kolev, the Indonesian National Team body gave him an initial target of making the AFF Cup final.

“We will evaluate his position after the AFF Cup,” body chief Rahim Soekasah said in January.Kolev was fired after Indonesia failed to get out of the group stages in the 2007 Asian Cup and the Southeast Asian Games, with a 0-0 draw against Burma in the SEA Games sealing his fate.

The former Arema Malang and Persita Tangerang coach was then hired for his second spell in charge of the national team.Indonesia was drawn into Group A at the AFF Cup, with two-time defending champion Singapore, Burma and Cambodia. Thailand will host Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos in Group B.

The AFF Cup runs Dec. 5 to 28, with all Group B matches taking place in Bangkok and Jakarta hosting all but one Group A match.

Sorry but Dollo has had the team since March. This problem of stamina has been an issue since before he arrived on the scene. He can't just front up and say it's now a problem and he has no time. They've been training since March. Why are they knackered?

Nothing has changed in three years...
why is that?

At the very least Boaz should be included in the main squad, everyone can see their strikers are lacking firepower. And the Persipura striker will undeniably be an answer to that problem.

However since Benny chooses personality over quality then nothing can be done. It's his choice. Anyway, good bye Benny.
Maybe they are knackered because of too much training???

Similiar thing is happening in Thaland where all coach reid talks about is fitness. Never about technique or just plain not good enough.

Fitness / Stamina is the numbe rone excuse for everyone
I dont know how Thailand and Singapore doing in their last fixtures. I doubt their fitness problem is as bad as the Indonesian.

Compared to Indonesia, Myanmar and Malaysia look really really FIT for me.
i think a lot of it is down to the players attitude. i know one coach who tried to get his team to do more fitness work and they looked at him like he had three heads

admin - who to replace benny? for the first half in the final against myanmar they played well. against hyundai they didn t play full stop!

suryono has looked good and with syamsul returning that could be an option in the middle but is any coach brave enough to drop ponaryo ?
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