Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Revamp the AFF Cup

I love revamping things. I just sit at the laptop watching the Simpsons and suddenly I have a brainwave. Why not revamp the AFF Cup. Of course by revamping it we would no longer call it the AFF but you get my point.

The problem with the current set up is that it is so familiar and we know what familiarity does.

This year Indonesia have already played Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar (three times). Singapore tonight play Vietnam for the second time in a month. Everyone plays everyone else ad infinetum and to be honest I just can't seeing it raise the standard of the game by having an official competition every two years to complement the friendlies.

So why not 'expand' the competition by having 'guest' participants every couple of years. For example one year they could invite the top two nations from the South Asian Federation. Then perhaps from North East Asia. Another time a couple of sides from the gulf.

The point is these countries are ASEAN's benchmark, what they should strive for. We can't rely on cash strapped FA's to organise quality opposition for themselves (Sierra Leone? Libya? Afghanistan?) but have countries entering the AFF Cup would surely allow everyone a pop at the stronger nations in the region.

Hi Anthony

It will be good to see guest sides playing in the AFF, maybe the Asean authorities should look at the models of both the North American Gold Cup and South American Copa America for inspiration.

Meanwhile nice to see things viewed from a very alternative angle. Keep up the good work.

thanks for the input. variety is often the spice of life and i think it won t hirt for the aff to look at the options..
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