Saturday, November 29, 2008


Lack of coverage

One common gripe throughout the region is the lack of coverage given by English language papers to the local game. Fair play to Khun Tor with the Bangkok Post who has been doing a lot of stuff recently about the Thai national team as well as a new paper here in Jakarta called the Jakarta Globe which translates stuff from other sources.

Singapore of course is laughable in this respect.

Then we have Cambodia. Their season has recently finished with Phnom Penh Empire winning the title and next weekend they journey to Jakarta to take part in the AFF Cup.

Fair play to the gent who wrote in to the Phnom Penh Post bewailing the lack of football coverage and indeed good on the paper for replying that they are aware of the situation and are looking for a dedicated sports editor.

In the meantime keep checking Jakarta Casual for the best coverage of Cambodia as they take on Myanmar, Singapore and Indonesia. Well, not Myanmar, I'm not going to that game.

hahaha... you should able to collect enough mileage to redeem your free air ticket eh?
booked on air asia (!) so will have to rearrange for another time maybe when the tpl starts...
Thanks for the mention. The local press in Cambodia is very poor on even their own national team and so my letter was designed to prod them into shame and to give more coverage on the beautiful game in Cambodia.
Good luck to Cambodia in the Suzuki Cup, they are the underdogs for sure but that means they have nothing to lose - I hope that gives them the freedom to play attacking, open football. Of course they will be beaten but at least they'll learn from the experience.
Andy in Phnom Penh
The Globe translates stuff from other sources? I'm pretty sure they have some original content, too.
maybe they do. i hope so cos the game here could do with some more coverage but i have seen errors in the jg coverage that apes coverage elsewhere...
bit at least they make the effort to provode some coverage in english which is more than that other rag does
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