Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yemen switch to Bandung?

Indonesia's friendly with Yemen may be switched to Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung from Gelora Sriwijaya in Palembang. The Yemen FA apparantly didn't fancy a second flight after the long haul into Jakarta so the officials here are considering moving the game to Bandung.

The prestige friendly against Bayern Munchen will take place in Jakarta at Bung Karno Stadium while venues for the Tajikistan and New Zealand games are yet to be confirmed though the likelyhood is either Jakarta or Solo.

New coach Benny Dollo begins the teams first training session on 14th April with the Yemen game 27th April

What kind of opposition are Indonesia coming up against?

I mean a few months back they were taking on the likes of Saudi Arabia and Kprea on a top level compeition, the Asian Cup

Now, Indonesia are making matches against nations more fit for purpose in the AFC Challenge Cup which is for Emerging nations, this is the likes of Tajikistan and Yemen who might aswell be in it, after all what have they done recently?

As for New Zealand, what will we ever know about them until they join up with the AFC?

To me, this year, Indonesia need to win the ASEAN Cup so should be preparing for this to win it, playing against Tajikistan won't help, or at least i don't think it would.

So where do Indonesia want to be? Playing the minnows of Asia and fighting for glory in the lowest AFC Ranked cup or playing against the likes of Australia and Japan?

Indonesia should have so much potential, after all an Indonesian club side (i can't quite remember who at this moment, so maybe i dreamt it!) beat Sydney last year in the Champions League so why couldn't this be done on international level?

Whereas the likes of Thailand and Singapore are on the border line of breaking into Asia's top 10, and making every Asian Cup in the future, Indonesia are slipping and slipping, and if they don't watch it they might just turn into a nation such as Belguim in Eurpoe.

I really hope these friendlies do Indonesia some good and they have a real go at ASEAN Cup 2008 and have something to build on for the future, after all they are out of South Africa 2010, and 2014 is a long long way away, hopefully they can qualify for Qatar 2011.

I really hope they can get something out of this preparation that to me seems like they have put themselves in a category of playing minnows as they wish to be minnows!
it was persik last year

the problem as ever is money plus the 'name' indonesia has at the moment. the figure quoted for juventus and brazil was something like 12 billion rupiah, sorry can t do the maths, whereas the fa can probably only go to 3 billion

anymore would have to come from sponsors and the only guys with deep pockets here are the tobacco people and i guess they ain t allowed
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