Monday, August 28, 2006


Next season's new boys

Bogor Town

A decent away game and an excuse for the Jakmania to head to the hills, it would be best to take an umbrella if you want to take in a game. I have no idea where the stadium is.

Pelita Bakrie Jaya

I think they're based in Purwakarta. If that's true then another handy away game and a true derby for Bandung

Biruen and Banda Aceh

Aceh continues its road to recovery with it's very own Acehnese derby as well as games with Medan and Deli Serdang. Locally Banda Aceh are known as Persiraja which recalls the ancient royal status of the city when it was called Kota Raja. Bireun is on the north east coast between Banda Aceh and Medan,


Back in the big time as First Division champions, their hooligans must be dead excited. Kediri, Malang, Pasuruan Town, Lamongan and possibly even Solo are all within easy train smashing rides. And for an overseas game what about Gianyar?


Defeated finalists, despite being walking distance almost from Yogyakarta I'm guessing they will be in the Eastern Division.


A 3rd team from Papua, the travel here would be fun. I can't see Wamena fans jumping on the bus for an away game here. Any chance of Fak Fak joining the league? Fakmania anyone??? Jayapura, 2005 Champions, are the other Papuan team.


Three teams also from North Sulawesi, Manado join Minahasa and Persibom.

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