Saturday, August 12, 2006


The National Team

For the first time since I've taken an interest in local football the national team are going to have a run out. They are playing in the Malaysian Merdeka Cup, don't ask why they don't have their own, along with Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar which starts 23rd August. Wonder if it's on TV?

Anyway the squad is as follows:

1. Samsidar (PSM/Kiper) 2. Jendri Pitoy (Persipura/Kiper)

3. Leddy Utomo (Persita/Belakang) 4. Mauli Lessy (Persipura/Belakang) 5. Bayu Sutha (Persema/Belakang) 6. Dian Fachrudin (Persema/Belakang) 7. Mulki Al Hakim (Persija/Belakang) 8. Mahyadi Panggabean (PSMS/Belakang) 9. Supardi (PSMS/Belakang) 10. Irsyad (PSM/Belakang) 11. M. Ridwan (PSIS/Belakang)

12. Atep (Persija/Tengah) 13. Elie Aiboy (Selangor FC/Tengah) 14. Syamsul Chaeruddin (PSM/Tengah) 15. Legimin Raharjo (PSMS/Tengah) 16. Ponaryo Astaman (Telkom Malaka/Tengah) 17. Eka Ramdani (Persib/Tengah) 18. Salim Alaydrus (Persib/Tengah) 19. Siswanto (Persekabpas/Tengah) 20. Nanang Hendrawan (PSM/Tengah) 21. Boaz Solossa (Persipura/Tengah)

22. Boy Jati Asmara (PSMS/Depan) 23. Zainal Arif (Persib/Depan) 24. Rachmat Rivai (Persiter/Depan) 25. Bambang Pamungkas (Selangor FC/Depan) 26. Ahmad Amirudin (PSM/Depan)

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