Monday, July 17, 2006


Jakarta v Pasuruan Town

Well it had to happen, Jakarta had ridden their luck for so long. Weeks of 1-0 to the Tigers had seen them finish comfortably in the Top 4 but there were still lingering questions which were answered today.

1-0 up after 2 minutes many setlled down to an all too familiar result but Pasuruan Town, who slipped unfancied into the Big 8, backed by a following that outnumbered the silent Jakmania, are made of sterner stuff and a rousing second half fight back saw them rattle in 3 goals in quick succession leaving Jakarta feeling punch drunk.

The boys from JakSel huffed and puffed, had one goal disallowed for offside, saw fate send an extremely dodgy penalty too close to the keeper but couldn't turn it around. Scoring goals is not their forte and hasn't been all season, now it was too late to seek Plan B.

It was a good game, only marginally spoilt by an overzealous ref dishing out cards like a condom vending machine at Dolly but while Pasuruan will delight in their role of upstart, Jakarta's manic support and, perhaps more importantly, the Jakarta governor, won't be happy bunnies and the inquest will be, or should be, going on long after I've hit the sack.


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