Monday, June 12, 2006


1-0 to Jakarta ... again and again and again

Before we get on to the important things Jakartass looks at the politics behind the actions of SCTV, the sole provider of World Cup football here in Indonesia. There is also an article in todays Jakarta Post which follows up on that one, hopefully he will add that to his site.

OK, the real stuff. As expected on Saturday Medan lost away from home, 1-0 at Tangerang while Jakarta North beat Deli Serdang 3-0 at Cilegon. In yesterdays fixtures Jakarta beat Are Malang 1-0, what else, at Lebuk Bulus while Semarang beat Jepara 2-0. Bandung drew 0-0 at Sriwijaya which will probably piss of their fanatical Viking support.

What that little lot means to the table is here:

Semarang 24 44
Jakarta 24 41
Malang 22 40
Medan 23 36
Pasuruan Town 21 33

It remains to be seen whether Pasuruan can overtake Medan but they way the North Sumatrans ship points on the road anything is possible.

Saturday night saw us encamp to BuGils where Bart, the cloggy manager has erected a covered stand so suppers can enjoy the games in a relaxed spacious environment while the eye candy, sorry waitresses, bring your freshly poured beer to you. None of that inconvenient waiting at the bar thank you very much. Many England out in force, sat behind me was some Martin Tyler wannabee, complete with boring stats.

Good night as ever there, shame about the football, but like I said before, club over country every single time. Just a couple of questions from that night. First, who was the 'gentleman', possibly Scottish, who had gone to all the trouble of buying a Paraguay football shirt? And second, to the people who ordered Spaggy Bol and BBQ Chicken, I hope you enjoyed eating as much as I enjoyed paying for it!!! I guess I should check the bill next time eh???


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