Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Who'd have thought it?

Jakarta haven't been able to score all season, 7 goals in 12 games, so when Tangerang City, having missed a penalty, raced to a 2-0 lead no when game the Tigers much of a chance, least of all me. They pulled one back but the hosts soon recovered their 2 goal lead. Game over you'd think?

Not this time. Somehow, much to the delight of their large support, Jakarta not only pulled one goal back, bugger me they equalised! Three goals in one game! I still don't see Jakarta winning the league but the way everyone else is playing they stand a chance of finishing in the top 4.

From David - I actually will make two reports today, one is from my PSIS-PSMS game on sunday, but i will delay it until tomorrow, since the team (PSIS) will play again on weds versus PSDS. So here is my report on the match today, The Tangerang VS jakarta game was awesome, if you ask for my rate looking from that game, i gave that match 8/10. a superb performance by both teams at 2nd half and despite the draw, fans seems happy with the result

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