Monday, March 27, 2006


Jakarta and ESPN

Ok so I wanted to go. Really! Thing is though I am one of those little Englanders that finds the Merseyside Derby a bore. In fact all derbies except the Arse and the Totts leave me cold. It's the personal touch innit? I have no interest in the outcome of the Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol or Sheffield derbies and the hype I find a turn off.
Especially for Saturdays game. After, as every pundit and his dog delighted in reminding us, Liverpool had scored 15 goals in 3 games. Yawn! Even Everton were on a bit of a role rattling in goals for fun. Some of the armchair pundits were billing it as Beattie against Crouch god help us...So, a classic fixture in downtown South Jakarta with Steve MacMahon and the chance to mention ONE MINUTE to him a few times, had to be a winner eh?
Nah! To be fair Liverpool have got a large following here, as have Manchester United, and probably Arsenal wouldn't have generated the turn out, I guess we're not trendy enough, and the atmosphere in the bar was 'electric' but the prospect of being surrounded by red clad Indonesians singing you'll never walk alone didn't do it for me.
Stevie G got sent off and my predicted 0-0 went down the swanny but football's like that Brian. The real winner was Indonesia and Jakarta. God knows the country gets a bad press, the only time it makes the news is when there's a bomb blast somewhere. To see and hear the racket generated on Saturday night may have told the region that actually Jakarta is a fun town, it's not all beard, veils and demonstrations. I hope ESPN return here. I hope Steve MacMahon comes again. I hope they feature the Arsenal that time and Steve, I'll be the beer monster sticking one finger up at you and yelling IT'S UP FOR GRABS NOW.
Oh, and nothing domestically at the weekend lah!

In case anyone is not sure what ONE MINUTE and IT'S UP FOR GRABS NOW refer to contact Football Focus and Football Crazy at and mark the e mails for the attention of Steve MacMahon!

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