Tuesday, May 17, 2016


PSSI's 5 Point Mandate From FIFA

Like a naughty school boy leaving the headmaster's office, the PSSI have returned from Mexico with a list of tasks to do as they begin putting their house in order following the 12 month suspension.

1 - End problems with players, improve relations with the players union APPI and create a standard player contract.

Makes sense. FIFA must be fed up to the back teeth with players seeking redress because a club hasn't honoured their contractual commitments. Meanwhile in Malaysia the president of Kelantan is ignoring contracts and challenging FAM to take action against him feeling perhaps that he has become bigger than the game of football.

2 - Work with the government to develop good governance within the game. 

Ok but what does this mean exactly and where to begin?

3 - Prepare official competition and review the status of the Indonesia Super League

It makes sense just to rebrand the ISC as the ISL for 2016 but where would that leave sponsors from the 2015 ISL?

4 - Prepare the national teams for future international events

Myanmar here we come. Or Philippines.

5 - Look at the infrastructure of football across the country

Yeap, makes sense. But where will the money come from?

I suspect of more immediate concern to PSSI officials will be upcoming elections. Then will come the horse trading. Then, maybe, we may see some movement on the above.

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