Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Poor Preparation Casting Persipura Points

Liga Indonesia/Indonesia Super League record

Champions - 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013
Runners Up - 2010, 2012, 2014

Ok it could be argued 2016 was never gonna be Persipura's year judging by their record. In the absence of any football last year perhaps the club are subconsciously preparing for 2017, the next odd numbered year to rouse from their slumber.

To be sure it has been a most un Persipura start to the campaign. Drawing two consecutive home games is almost unheard of for the Black Pearls and in fact their dismal run goes back even further if we include Sudirman Cup and Bhayangkara Cup.  One win in 10 games! Yep, we are talking about Persipura. They did win both their ISL games in 2015 so let's not be too harsh on them.

So what has happened to the most successful team in recent years? Their preparations for the ISC haven't been the best it must be said. They were latecomers to the aforementioned cup competitions and were stripped of many of their best players who moved on because of the uncertainty in Jayapura.

Their midfield has been badly hit with Robertinho, Gerald Pangkali, Emmanuel Wanggai and Lim Jun Sik's absences been sorely felt while upfront the experienced trio of Boas, James Koko Lommel and Boakay Eddie Foday to really gel with just a single goal all season from Lommel. At the same time Liberian Sengbah Kennedy has yet to turn his potential into performance and has been allowed to leave the club.

There is some familiarity in the team with Yoo Jae Hoon, Ricardo Salempessy, Bio Paulin and Ian Luis Kabes providing some consistence and there has been promise in the performances of M Tahir and Fernando Pahabol. The latter came on and shook things up against Bali United but has yet to prove he is more than just a speed merchant.

Persipura management have already come out and said they expect more, adding players shouldn''t be tested anymore, they should be producing and hinting coach Jafri Sastra may have just arrived but that means nothing in football. Against that we must consider the current fate of former Persipura coach Jacksen F Tiago, now with Penang, The man who led them to so much glory is currently being 'rested' by his Malaysian side and a decision as to whether he stays or goes is likely this week.

Next up for Persipura is away to Persela. Traditionally a tough place for teams to take anything from, Persela have their own problems with zero points from their three games and coach Stefan Hansson's place is thought to be under threat.

With six days to go before they meet who will be coaching either team is anyone's guess!

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