Friday, September 04, 2015


High Scoring WCQs Leave Bad Taste

Football stinks. The higher up the game you go the more putrid, the more gangrenous the aroma emanating from all involved in what Pele once called the beautiful game. With money king the beauty has long gone. Football is no longer a sport but an extension of an individual's ego, an ego they will do anything to protect at whatever cost and whatever damage to the game so beloved by billions around the world.

The FIFA scandal doesn't need rehashing here, it has been done to death by others. And Indonesia? Just spare a day and read back through the posts on here. But it's not just the usual suspects poisoning the chalice we all love. It is a 21 year old player taking to social media to say he never wants to play for his football club again because they won't sell him to another club; it is a club paying 36 million quid for a little known 19 year old who scored less goals than Olivier Giroud last season.

And now it is a series of farcical results in World Cup Qualifiers that individually suggest the gulf between Asian nations is widening but collectively suggests something stinks.

Qatar v Bhutan 15-0
UAE v Malaysia 10-0
Kuwait v Myanmar 9-0
South Korea v Laos 8-0
Saudi Arabia v Timor Leste 7-0

Yes there is a gulf, ahem, between the South East Asians, and the South Asian nations, and the rest of the region, I think no one is disputing that but surely to witness a run of results like these is unparalleled in recent competitive football? And when you consider the murky reputations attached to some of those countries regarding what the Indonesians like to call 'non technical' matters surely the odd red flag must be being raised somewhere. If not it should be.

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