Thursday, July 16, 2015


Malaysian Clubs Say No To Liverpool 'Circus Game'

First it was the fans who were upset by Malaysia's proposed friendlies against Spurs and Liverpool. Now it seems the clubs are less than happy. When coach Dollah Salleh announced the squad that would be used against Liverpool there were no players from Johor Darul Tazim called up.

JDT are in the race for the Super League and their rivals have been perhaps a bit miffed at the perceived special treatment they have received. Selangor have since announced they may not be releasing three of their players, winger Ahmad Hazwan Bakri, striker Afiq Azmi and Australian centreback Robert Cornthwaite, claiming they are 'are tired and need to rest' following the Super League clash with, um, JDT on Monday which the Southern Tigers won 3-1.

The team from the southern tip of Malaysia are involved in a tight two horse race for title with Pahang with both sides matching points in their recent games. And now Pahang have withdrawn striker Dickson Nwakaeme from the squad while keeping mum about the fate of three other players called up; defender Razman Roslan, goalkeeper Mohd Khairul Azhan and winger Mohd Azamuddin Akil.

Pahang manager Fahrizal Hassan says Nwakaeme is carrying a knock and the club were 'we are keeping him home so that he will be fresh for the final stretch of the Super League campaign next month. We want Nwakaeme to rest. Pahang are at a crucial stage of the Super League competition and we want our best players available.'

The Malaysian Football Association, FAM, have responded by saying all players called u must attend training unless they have permission from the coach.

It is a joke that Malaysian football has to drop everything just 'cos an English teams wants to 'connect' with its fans and sell some shirts. These sorts of games are of of no benefit to anyone and just bending over backwards to accommodate them is demeaning to the local league, the local clubs and the local fans. If so called Liverpool fans love football so much they are perfectly entitled to start following their local team.

Is JDT vs Dortmund not a circus game?
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