Monday, July 04, 2011


World Cup Qualifiers 2014

Chinese Taipei v Malaysia 3-2 (4-4 on aggregate. Malaysia go through on away goals)
Laos v Cambodia 6-2 (Laos win 8-6 on aggregate)
Vietnam v Macau 7-1 (Vietnam win 13-1 on aggregate)
Nepal v Timor Leste 5-0 (Nepal win 7-1 on aggregate)
Myanmar v Mongolia 2-0 (Myanmar win 2-1 on aggregate)
Philippines v Sri Lanka 4-0 (Philippines win 5-1 on aggregate)

2nd Round Draw (23 & 28 July)

Thailand v Palestine
China v Laos
Turkmenistan v Indonesia
Kuwait v Philippines
Oman v Myanmar
Qatar v Vietnam
Singapore v Malaysia

A thriller in Taipei.
Taipei also had a penalty saved and scored two others - but malaysia survived to set up a mega showdown with Singapore.
Malaysia survived on a knife edge in Taipei.

Lost 3-2, but conceded 3 penalties in the game - one saved, two scored - and a torrid examination.

Skin of the teeth stuff to set up a mega game with Singapore at the end of the month (Live on Astro Arena, of course - channel 801 in malaysia)
Some tasty matchups there, with Singapore-Malaysia up near the top. I'm not sure which upset I'd like to see more — Vietnam beating Qatar or Laos beating China.

As for Indonesia ... meh. As long as they don't get completely kilt in the away leg, they should be OK.

If they don't get kicked out first!
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