Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A Thai solution

The Thai FA have temporarily suspended Steve Darby after the Under 23s failed to win gold at the SEA Games or qualify for the World Cup or finish a rubric's cube in less than seven seconds.

I have no idea what a temporary suspension entails and the story, below, sheds no light on events. But when you consider in three weeks time the Thais have an Asian Cup qualifier then temporary can mean very temporary.

It seems like a knee jerk, face saving reaction to media criticism rather than a clearly thought out move, similar to UEFA wanting to throw the book at Eduardo for 'diving' in the Champions League.

Rumours abound that the geezer who writes for the Bangkok Post will be appointed as an assistant to Bryan Robson along with a Star's Soccer writer and the three girls who walk round the pitch at Thai Port home games.

Thailand's SEA Games coach Steve Darby has been suspended "temporarily" after the eight times champion Thailand were eliminated from the first round of the 25th SEA Games last week.
There has been a lot of pressure on the Football Association of Thailand to sack Darby after staff coaches Kiatisak Senamuang and Nibhon Malanot quit their positions following the disastrous results.
FAT president Worawi Makudi said he understood the reasons why the Thai fans and media were upset but that he wanted any changes to be handled "smoothly".
However, according to reliable sources in the FAT, there will be imminent changes in the coaching set-up of the national team where Darby is assistant coach.
It is believed the FAT are looking urgently for new staff coaches to assist head coach Bryan Robson.
Thailand face an important Asian Cup qualifying match against Jordan at Rajamangala Stadium on January 6 .
"We have to beat Jordan," said a FAT member. "If we don't get a good result we will lose the faith of the Thai fans."

Thks FAT

I hope in the end, it do help S'pore (Oops I shld be saying Thai football ;P) football in the Asian Cup
Also, Home need a coach

Timing is just nice, U knw
Steve Darby is a good coach and a true gentleman. Now he is made a scapegoat. Darby is welcome to coach in Malaysia and Singapore anytime!
Indonesia's going to need a coach in short order....
welcome back tb

not seen you here for a while
I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if Darby quits and it won't help Robson much, who may follow suit.
he should come back to vietnam. his wife and daughter are vietnamese.
Thanks, Me. Been away for a while — duty calls and such.

Did I miss anything?
indonesia still can t win a game so no, not a lot has changed!
i believe he has a house in hanoi
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